Kybella - $1,100 Per Treatment

Kybella is a product that stands in a class on its own. It contains deoxycholic acid which naturally occurs in the body. It is injected into the skin in an area where there are numerous fat cells, most commonly underneath the chin, in the jowls, or for the “bra fat bulge”.

It causes the fat cells to die, giving you a permanent fat reduction in the injected area. Although it comes in vials, most treatments require at least 2 vials. As such, it is sold per treatment which is $1,100 (which includes 2 vials).

**Please note that the descriptions above are based on Hillary’s personal experience. Each injector may have a different opinion and description of the products. However, in an attempt to educate you and help you understand the different properties of the various products, Hillary has described them as such.