Dr Hillary Taggart

Nurse Practitioner | Aesthetic Medicine

Since 2014 Dr. Hillary Taggart has been practicing aesthetic medicine. After working for a couple of years for a plastic surgeon, then in one of the nation’s top medpas, Elase Medical, and training physicians and nurses across the country for National Institute of Medical Aesthetics, she decided to see clients at her own mini medspa in 2018.

Hillary saw firsthand how a big business with endless clients can take away from where the focus should be-on the client. She is passionate about providing a personalized and relationship based experience with the client. She prides herself on doing natural and conservative injections. She understands that most clients want to look their best, youthful self and through strategic injections she helps them achieve that. Her energy is contagious and it is apparent to all who meet her she loves what she does!

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I have worked with Hillary on several issues. I had been having a slew of health issues, and in one conversation (and some bloodwork), Hillary diagnosed a thyroid condition that several doctors overlooked. Within days I was on a thyroid medication and was feeling significantly better within weeks. This alone, I'll forever be grateful.

I have had ongoing migraines and Hillary used a light treatment of botox for a couple of areas and the frequency and severity of my migraines all lightened up. She's also used botox to treat my TMJ and the results have been great.

Dr. Taggart uses a light hand with everything she does. I love the "less is more" approach that she has, as you can always add more later. She is great to work with, and I'm so thankful for everything she has done for me.

Rebecca TYelp Review

I truly appreciated the time Dr. Taggart spent listening to my concerns, answering all my question and working with me to develop a plan to achieve my desired results. I felt heard and valued and I absolutely love my results.

Kandi IYelp Review

I was at first a little nervous about getting injections but Hillary immediately helped me to feel comfortable and at ease. I wanted a subtle and natural look and that is exactly what Hillary's approach is. She is very knowledgeable and honest about what would be beneficial for you and what you really don't need! Hillary is a fabulous injector and I highly recommend her.

Ashley OYelp Review

The retreat helped me come back to myself and take time for me. This is much needed to move forward in everything I do especially working with others and my family.
I needed to fill my cup so I can continue to give.

AshleyRetreat Attendee

I felt that the weekend program was just the right amount of time and closeness to get the main objective across and teach life changing opinions about ourselves and why having self worth determines a lot of how we act and behave throughout life. Loving ourselves is a stepping stone to loving others and life. So happy to have learned new ways to change old behavior and love who I am and who I was meant to be. Thank you!

LibbeyRetreat Attendee

Hillary was able to connect with all the women there when all of us were on different roads and different stages of life. Her idea of self worth rings true with all women and all people, and the more we talk about it the more we can help each other become closer to our true self and connect more deeply with those we love.

KellyRetreat Attendee

Hillary! I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. I feel so pretty and taken care of! It was so nice to meet you in your professional element and to see the sweet spirit you are!